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How’s everyone been? I hope the pandemic hasn’t done much damage to you and your family (…if not better). 🙏

So it’s been a while since I last blogged. Life’s changed a lot and I had so much to tell but I didn’t find the time to organize it. In my defense, my web host was having some problems and I couldn’t get my site working for a period of time. I had to redo everything manually so the site can be live again, which took me some effort.

Shit happens, but… we can’t and we won’t let it take control!

This year, I wanna be more active on this project again and share with you more of my life and work! At the same time, I’ll be reworking on my old blogs to make them more concise, plus making some site improvements. I hope it’ll save you and some others a little precious time on getting only the essential contents! I’m also thinking of putting something up in the new shop for you to grab. Something fun, interesting, or awaiting for your adoption. How does that sound?

I’m very excited about 2023 already and can’t wait to connect with you very soon. Stay tuned for more random awesomeness!

Last but not least, wishing everybody a very awesome new year. May you and your family have a good year wealth + health!

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