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Let’s talk about how I maintain dental hygiene!

At first, I started using traditional string floss when I was having my invisalign treatment a few years ago.

If you used string flosses before, you’d have noticed how dirty your gaps in between your teeth are. Every time when I floss, I can definitely get some debris (the crap) out. I can’t imagine a day without flossing…really!

Developing a habit of flossing helps lessen my tartar buildup and my dental health has improved a lot. I’ve had much more healthier gum.

Trust me, once you start flossing you can’t forget the cleanliness in your mouth!

Water flossing is my shortcut to flossing. The newest Waterpik flosser keeps my oral hygiene on track, plus make my teeth white!

Water flossing: when & why

If you ever experience any one of the situations below, you’ll see sometimes water flossing has its advantages over:

  • you can’t get the string into some areas because of tartar buildup
  • your infected gum hurt too much when you use string floss
  • you temporarily run out of string floss supply
  • you are wearing traditional teeth braces or implants

Clinically proven, water flossing can perform well up to 90% of string flossing. The main weakness of water flossing is that it can’t reach below the entire gumline (the line where the gum meets the tooth), where plague hides within.

However, compared to brushing alone, water flossing is clearly a game changer. According to Waterpik’s independent clinical study, its water flosser removes an additional 25% of stains vs. brushing alone; removes up to 99.9% of plague from treated areas; is up to 50% more effective for improving gum health vs. string gloss; and is up to 2 times as effective for improving gum health around implants and 3 times as effective for removing plague around braces vs. string floss.

However, just a clarification, you should never completely substitute string floss with water floss! There’s no research study yet to prove water flossing is perfectly comparable to string flossing in terms of treatment areas covered and performance.

Anyway, the guarantees of Waterpik claims sound attractive. Besides, what if a water flosser comes with a teeth whitening feature? Does it sound tempting to you if you’re into dental cosmetic like me?

The Waterpik Whitening Water Flosser definitely got my attention (and my heart later). I decided to get the gadget during a Boxing Day sale in London Drugs at $69.99 ($78.67 in total with tax and levy added). The model I got is WF-06 which is exactly this one:

Waterpik Whitening Model WF-06

The whitening feature that it brings is distinct from other models by allowing you to insert the whitening tablet into the unique flosser tip see below. A monthly supply of one bottle of 30 tablets are including with every purchase. After that you’ll need to repurchase the tablets to continue using its whitening feature even though you can still water floss like usual without the tablet.

Exclusive whitening flosser tip

What’s so special about it? It’s called an in-handle whitening infuser and is exclusive to the Whitening model.

That also means, if the whitening model’s handle breaks, we won’t be easily able to get the usual replacement which is universal across all other models…


I somehow found a cheaper alternative to the “official whitening tablets” offered by WelDental. The version they have that is compatible to my model is WELTAB WT. These tablets are also compatible with another Waterpik Professional Whitening Water Flosser (WF-05). Just a reminder, the company has other whitening tablets for use in their own flossers which aren’t compatible for use in Waterpik’s models so be careful what you’ll be getting.

Waterpik Minty Fresh Whitening Tablets
WELTAB WT by Weldental

The Verdict

So I’ve been using this gadget for more than a year now and I’m so glad I got it! It’s worth the investment if you wanna maintain or improve dental hygiene. It’s actually so good that I’ve recommended to my colleagues and one of them wears brace and says it works so well cleaning the areas around the wires. I especially find the whitening feature handy to maintain my teeth’s whiteness on top of my dental whitening routine. Another hack that this gadget does is cleaning my sink with its strong water pressure ?

Unsponsored This article is (sadly) NOT sponsored and I purchased the product/service(s) at my own expense. I am not paid to write this review.

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