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American ready-to-drink party cocktail beverage brand BeatBox has teamed up our Canadian pop punk princess Avril Lavigne as their latest Creator Series collaboration… for a new skin of one of their flavors.

I did get excited when the news came out and wondered what new flavor they came up with. It ended up the Avril’s special edition is actually only a new packaging of BeatBox’s existing Pink Lemonade with 11.1% ABV drink.

Even though I’m a little bit disappointed, the popular Pink Lemonade drink does carry some cool features like low sugar, carbs & calories. Plus, with 11.1% alcoholic content, it seems to look like a good summer party drink choice after all.

The Avril’s special edition of Pink Lemonade by BeatBox

We will be able to see the new skin in the US and Canada via retail stores that will also show custom Avril displays and lifesize cutouts. Shall we expect to meet Avril (the display) in person when we pass a liquor store?

While fans from other countries may be able to get a taste of Avril(‘s creation) by importing this special edition and share it with their fellows in their party room, sadly from the press release it’s likely that only Us & Canadian consumers may have the chance to participate in sweepstakes through local retailer activations to win exclusive signed merchandise or even meet Avril (for real) in person.

The inspiration behind the collaboration

“From the moment Avril told our team how she drinks a BeatBox before every studio session we knew this was a perfect fit for our growing Creator Series. The BeatBox Creator Series is where we partner with world renowned musicians like Avril Lavigne, as well as other large influencers and brands, to bring exciting new flavors and collectible packaging to our 45,000+ retail locations… Partnering with Avril is going to unlock even more exciting opportunities for BeatBox as one of the fastest growing ready-to-drink cocktail brands in the US.”

Zech Francis, VP of Global Marketing for BeatBox

“The partnership with BeatBox felt right from the start – I have never come across a brand that was as committed to providing their fans with a truly memorable experience, specifically pegged to music, than the BeatBox Team,” said Avril Lavigne. Lavigne continues, “Every facet of the collaboration, down to my involvement with the design of the package itself, felt authentic and true to me. I am excited for people to see the new packaging, and let us know what you think!”

Avril Lavigne on the partnership

Will you be getting the new special edition or rather go hardcore for shots this summer?

For more details, go to this dedicated official page of the drink.

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