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I’ve got to try the BTS meal finally and here’s my little review. Let’s see what I dig and what I’m not impressed with!

In addition, read on to see how you can get a taste of the sauces without paying for the overly priced meal and when you can finally try the meal set!

The Commercial

Of course, BTS has to be there for the promotion of the BTS Meal. After all, they are the main reason why this meal exists.

Bonus: BTS’s BTS (behind-the-scenes)

Since I’m not a fan of the band, I’ll skip this ad the next time it shows up lol! (Hey, I’ve contributed one view already.)

What’s in the Meal

The BTS Meal featuring 2 limited-time sauces: sweet chili and cajun sauces

The formula is pretty straight-forward:

BTS Meal = 10-Piece* Chicken McNuggets + Cajun and Sweet Chili Sauces + Medium Fries + a Coke

* I’m not 100% sure about the rest of the world, but in most markets such as US, Canada and South Korea you get 10 pieces of nuggets in the meal but in Hong Kong you only get 9 pieces…

BTS Meal packaging at McDonald’s Canada (Photo courtesy of McDonald’s Canada)
BTS Meal packaging at McDonald’s Hong Kong (Photo courtesy of McDonald’s Hong Kong)

Look at the difference of the boxes!

(awww…a very “special Hong Kong edition” of the nugget box to be added to any fan’s collection?)

The 9-piece downgrade is so unfortunate to any Hong Kong eater. Another big disappointment is what comes with the meal set, which is nothing else more…you don’t even get a photo card^ as a souvenir or the band’s photo on any of the meal packaging. You get what you see in the photos above…

Apart from the Meal, there’s a series of “BTS McDonald’s Merch” including hoodies, purple bathrobes, socks and sandals (they call it the head-to-toe collection) available for purchase. For each merchandise order you get a photocard (random out of 8) while quantities last. I guess the merch is the focus of the collaboration instead of the meal…

Even Happy Meal comes with a toy. Seriously McDonald’s?


I’ve tried both the sauces and in my opinion they are pretty decent! Definitely a hit to me! The Sweet Chili sauce tastes like the spicy Thai dipping sauce that comes with McWings. The Cajun sauce is very similar to mustard but with an added mild spiciness.

The (Overly) Price

The prices of the BTS meal vary by city across Canada. You can expect to pay around CA$12 if you order the set in Canada or HK$39-41 if you order in Hong Kong.

  • Vancouver, BC – CA$11.69
  • Toronto, ON – CA$12.19
  • Calgary, AB – CA$12.79
  • Montreal, QC – CA$11.39
  • Hong Kong – HK$39-41 (depending on district)

You don’t have to pay for the full meal price just for the sauces!

The set price may be alright to a BTS fan, but for someone who doesn’t have the stomach for the 10-piece nugget set or simply doesn’t wanna spend this much just to try the sauces, you can actually get one of the BTS Meal sauces with just any nugget purchase! Or directly you can pay CA$0.3 for each nugget sauce, which means you can only pay CA$0.6 just to try both the BTS Meal sauces! Voilà!

Save more at Mcdonald’s: If you don’t know already, you can download the McDonald’s Canada app and get their coupon offers. From time to time, they often give you BOGO free coupons or meal deal offers at only CA$6.69. You’re basically just paying CA$7.29 for a discounted regular meal set + 2 BTS Meal sauces which is 40% less than the BTS Meal price!

Launch Timeline

Canada is among one of the first regions to roll out the BTS Meal set. The Meal and the limited-time sauces are expected to be offered until June 21, so try the sauces before they’re gone! Some of the Asian regions will have to wait a bit longer to have the Meal available.

Launch schedule of the BTS Meal

Have you tried the BTS Meal yet? Or are you going to?

Unsponsored This article is (sadly) NOT sponsored and I purchased the product/service(s) at my own expense. I am not paid to write this review.

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